“International Food Systems Ltd  –  formerly known as European Projects Ltd – were the consultant responsible for the conceptual and detailed design of the Emirates Flight Catering – Food Point food production facility in Dubai.”

“IFS worked with the local consultants and myself during the construction and equipment installation phases to ensure that the building and equipment performed to the agreed specifications and volume levels.”

“During my time as Senior Vice President of Food Point, we increased total throughput to more than three times the initial design volume capacity without major changes to the layout.”

Jan Bijsterbosch, former Senior vice president of Food Point for Emirates, CEO for Savarin

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“It continues to be a pleasure to work with accommodating professionals such as yourselves and your fellow team members”

AB Harris, Chairman and CEO, Elisabeth the Chef

“Skilful planning and coordination [by IFS] has ensured that the refurbishment project has been carried out efficiently and with minimal disruption to factory operation.  Your excellent communication practices enabled you to establish the necessary rapport with all departments”
Paul Mitchell, Operations Director, Memory Lane Cakes

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“Martyn’s wealth of experience in project management really helped when it came to selecting the right equipment, enabling us to maximise throughput and reduce costs.  I would highly recommend IFS if you are looking for more than just standard project management”
Selvam Celestin, General Manager, Djibouti Catering